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CEO: Chief Executive Officer

"Keep the ship sailing. Fast (and if possible smoothly)."

  • Set the overall vision for the company.

  • Run targeted experiments to validate that vision.

  • Correctly allocate resources to execute that vision.

  • Optimise the reward:risk profile of the company.

  • Protect our culture.

  • Protect our company values.

  • Orchestrate an environment where people are empowered to do a good job.

  • Seek out and recruit killer team members.

  • Speak at conferences and spread the message.

  • Teach at university and spread the message.

  • Give interviews and spread the message.

  • Design the management system. And enforce it.

  • Be a good operational leader. Drive high operational efficiency.

  • Be a good vision leader. Fire people up.

  • Set up new offices.

  • Take responsibility for tax returns.

  • Put us on the map.

  • Be the final quality control, and quality bar setter.

  • Ensure that we comply with the law wherever we do business.

  • Ensure corporate taxation structure is optimal.

  • Forge key partnerships.

  • Ensure that the entire company is pulling in the same direction.

  • Be a mentor.

  • Challenge people, and create situations in which they can grow.

  • Spot problems and nip them in the bud.

  • Maintain team cohesion.

  • Set an example.

  • Work towards improving our industry. Do this by relentlessly experimenting towards building a great company. Infect other people in our society with those ideas.

  • Profit isn't everything, know when to forego it for something more valuable.

  • Enable opportunities for all team members.

  • Ratify promotions/demotions/role-changes.

  • Ensure healthy growth.

  • Ensure high employee retention.

  • Ensure high customer retention.

  • Make smart investments.

  • Ensure that a fair and transparent employee compensation matrix is maintained.

  • Protect the Feedback System and ensure that all the channels like the townhall are available.

  • Protect the sanctity of the 1::1.

  • Ensure that we maintain high social responsibility wherever we do business.

  • Ensure that we minimise our impact on the environment. Make sure that our offices run on green electricity, amongst other things.

  • Ensure that the company has 1 voice.

  • Say the things that no one else seems willing to say, but that need saying.

  • Be the first to face the music.

  • Instil Kaizen.

  • Help the Sales Team close key deals.

  • Readily share whatever it is I know with the rest of the team.

  • Create financial plans.

  • Drive the company roadmap.

  • Hold quarterly board meetings.

  • Make sure that we are profitable.

  • Approve holiday requests for the Management Team.

  • Manage high level risk. Isolate different business units with different risk profiles into separate siloed entities (e.g. for an app publishing company).

  • You are ultimately responsible for making sure that people still have a job tomorrow.

  • Know if and when to seek outside financing. Drive that effort.

  • Ensure operational efficiency.

  • See the big picture, across disciplines, and give input.

  • Keep up with the times and look for new business directions to pursue. Also, know which not to pursue.

  • Maintain a sense of focus. Just because you can, doesn't mean you should. Instil this into the team.

  • Don't take yourself too seriously.

  • Prevent local optimisation.

  • Minimise politics. And bureaucracy. 

  • Protect the company image.

  • When needed, act as the final mediator for disagreements.

  • Keep the "what you need to know" board updated.

  • Lead the Management Team. Write OKRs for them.

  • Ensure that Activity Leads who are outside of the PM Group follow basic rules regarding time tracking, project management, Jira upkeep, etc. If needed, organise an intro. This applies to Activities company-wide, i.e. also goes for Activities that are done outside of the Product Team such as internal projects. You are the process king for the entire company, and while you shouldn't design every single process yourself, you should ensure that the people who create processes follow some basic rules so that it fits in with our overall information architecture.

  • Process design. You are ultimately responsible for good process design across the company.

  • Keep our Playbook organised. Evangelise it.

Interim Responsibilities:

  • Be the company therapist. Be a neutral person that the team can talk to and air frustrations.


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