What is The Playbook?

  • The Playbook represents 9Y’s policies, institutional knowledge and best practices.

  • Prefer to use processes as documented in the Playbook, whenever possible.

  • If what is documented can be improved, please propose a change.




Document header

  • Status: always add

  • Access Restriction: always add if the document is restricted. You need to do this manually. This is how it looks:


  • Draft The DRAFT state means the document is currently in draft status and the owner is still working on it. It is the author's responsibility to get it reviewed with the relevant owner/reviewer.

  • Needs Updating NEEDS UPDATING documents, are previously LIVE documents that have been flagged because there is something wrong, e.g. out of date, inconsistent, etc. When the owner applied changes to fix those issues, the status can be updated to LIVE again.

  • LIVE LIVE indicates the page has been reviewed and is reflecting the current status for this topic.



By default everything in the playbook is public (to the world, not just our internal team). If you want to prevent that, you'll need to manually restrict pages. You can use groups such as "Core Team". Always signal this at the top of your document.


Real example at the bottom of this page 👇