HoF: Head of Finance


HoF: Head of Finance

"The bloodstream of the company (money) is circulating smoothly and we're kept nourished and healthy."

  • Ensure that all invoices that are sent out are compliant with the law and are stored in our company drive.

  • Keep cash flow calculations and earnings projections up to date.

  • Pay out salaries on time.

  • Ensure that management dashboard (Tableau) is correct and can be trusted.

  • Ensure that employees are made aware what their remaining holiday allowance is.

  • Enforce and execute the Customer Invoicing Protocol.

  • Enforce and execute the Incoming Invoices Protocol.

  • Proactively and immediately inform Management when significant cashflow deviations are detected, when cashflow problems are possible, or when total company assets start decreasing.

  • Register new employees with the social insurance institutions.

  • Ensure that we are complying with all legal employment regulations.

  • Ensure that we maintain adequate insurance cover for all relevant activities.

  • Keep track and record staff leaves such as illness and extraordinary leave.

  • Take periodic backup snapshots of the company wide time tracking database.

  • Approve holiday requests for the Finance Team.

  • Ensure that our accounting is complete, correct and compliant with the laws of the countries in which we operate.

  • Prepare accounts for external auditors in the appropriate format. For example the "Buerf" in Austria.

  • Ensure that all intra-group transactions conform to our Transfer Pricing policy. Seek approval from the CEO whenever you are asked to perform a new kind of transaction combination.

  • Ensure that all tax returns are submitted correctly and on time: monthly VAT, social insurance declarations, community taxes, etc. In all the countries where we operate.

  • Follow up to get invoices for purchases made by the team. For intra-EU invoices, if these invoices have unnecessary VAT on them, help prevent this by providing the VAT number to the vendors.

  • Manage corporate credit cards. Set sensible limits. Revoke them when needed.

  • Ensure that our corporate credit card system (Revolut) remains funded, for all our companies.

  • Lock up physical payment cards in the safe.




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