DL: Design Lead


DL: Design Lead

"Oh man, the customer is gonna go wild when he sees this."

  • Ensure that the 9Y Design Manifesto is being followed in the Squad.

  • Ensure consistency in the designs that we produce across the Squad.

  • Support the Activity Lead with design aspects. Represent the design discipline for the Squad and be its spokesperson.

  • Be on the lookout for better ways to do things. Talk to the HoD in your 1::1s about this and whether we can fold it into the standard design process.

  • Ensure consistency of tools and practices within the project.

  • Ensure that design tasks are distributed to the right Squad members. Balance quality of work vs speed vs learning opportunities.

  • Ensure that a design history is maintained, so that we can easily revisit earlier versions.

  • Take part in meetings with the customer. Maybe not always, but usually.

  • Know what the big picture and key goals for the project are, and keep reminding the Squad of this.