CTO: Chief Technical Officer


CTO: Chief Technical Officer

"Engineers working at 9Y are learning and advancing in their craft faster than they ever have before, and their productivity is over 9000"

  • Ensure that the Engineers have the opportunity for fast learning and good career progression.

  • Be a mentor.

  • Create and maintain the "9Y Engineering Manifesto". This should describe the engineering practices that we follow, preferred tech stacks, preferred libraries, code review standards, mentoring, automated linting, new tech experiments, etc.

  • Maintain code styles for all technology stacks that the company uses. And ensure that the team knows what they are. This should be inside the 9Y Engineering Manifesto.

  • Ensure that mentoring amongst the team members is practiced too.

  • Ensure that we are practising the software dev craft at its highest level. Find out if this is actually the case during your 1::1s. Document this in the 9Y Engineering Manifesto.

  • Ensure that practices that have a sweeping force multiplier effect for the Engineering School are adopted and practised. e.g. we have continuous integration servers, project templates, we try to stick to a core set of libraries, we create libraries for common tasks and we reuse them, etc.

  • Inspire junior engineers with your knowledge.

  • Ensure our open source profile on github is respectable.

  • Approve open sourcing of in-house libraries. You should ask the HoP for any potential legal restrictions if these were developed during a customer project.

  • Keep abreast of tech-related sentiments within the team. Are we using outdated tech? Is there a desire within the team to try something new?

  • Every quarter, ask your reports: "From 1-10, do you feel like you have a positive sense of career progression", and ensure that this is high. Report an anonymised average to the CEO on a quarterly basis.

  • Approve conference and educational budgets for the Engineering Team.

  • Ensure that everyone at 9Y has an S/MIME email certificate and is using it on all their devices.

  • Ensure that all staff have adequate hardware to work on, and that it's refreshed as the years go by.

  • Keep the Hardware Policy up to date. Approve new-hire hardware special requests.

  • Ensure that the Product Team has appropriate test devices available to them and that it's kept in good working order.

  • Be available for welcome sessions with new team members. Indoctrinate them into our engineering culture. Hold the HoP accountable for organising these.

  • Temper short term pressures from the Product Team to deliver profitable projects, with our long term goals for proper engineering practices and team development.

  • Make a case to the CEO for promotions/demotions/fires for the Engineering School. Do this before holding performance reviews, so that you can present ratified decisions to your reports during the performance review. You must collaborate with the HoP on this.

  • Keep our corporate networks in good shape. Includes Ethernet wiring, WiFi coverage, and VPN access at our offices.

  • Seek approval from the HoP for choosing new technical tools or software licenses for the team.

  • Ensure that a monthly tech talk is held, that the entire Core Team is is informed in advance and that the speaker has time to prepare.

  • Ensure that the Security Protocol is followed by the team.