HoD: Head of Design


HoD: Head of Design

"Oh my god, everything is so beautiful I just want to lick it."

  • Review and approve design of all external facing communications and documents (website changes, ads, marketing creatives, offers, contracts, etc.)

  • Maintain easy to use templates for team members who need to produce external facing documents.

  • Ensure that our internal facing documents also look good.

  • Maintain the "9Y Design Manifesto" that contains our design principles and philosophy, as well as the latest versions of all our design artefacts (invoice template, PowerPoint template, contract, business cards, CI guide, etc.)

  • Ensure that the Design School has good opportunity for growth and that their skills are developed.

  • Foster collaboration and good processes within the Design School.

  • You are responsible for creating and maintaining design project processes at 9Y. You must however have your process approved by the HoP.

  • Stay on the cutting edge of design practices and tools. Be the first to switch from Photoshop to Sketch. And the first to switch from Sketch to XD. And so on. Be responsible however, run small experiments first.

  • Optimise the Design to Engineering handover process. Ensure that it causes the least friction for both parties. Allow for feedback possibilities and change requests.

  • Maintain a design system for 9Y in-house projects. In-house in this context means our own products, they may be release to the public.

  • Enforce quality control for when our designs are implemented by the Engineers. Know when to accept small deviations, and when to push for improvement.

  • Develop practices to make it easier for Engineers to implement designs. Constantly improve these.

  • Be a mentor for more junior designers in the company.

  • Create and own the on-boarding process for new designers joining the company. The HoP is responsible for the high level on-boarding process, and will delegate to you for the design discipline specific process. You should be available for a 1::1 welcoming workshop to indoctrinate new recruits into our design culture and processes.

  • Ensure that design processes are well integrated with the software development processes. Understand the value of and adopt Jira.

  • Prepare and perform presentations of designs for key customers. Train our Design School members to do the same.

  • Protect design project budgets and make sure that they are used effectively.

  • Maintain a world class external facing portfolio to help showcase our skills to potential customers and to attract new designers to join the company.




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