HoM: Head of Marketing


HoM: Head of Marketing

"You have a black book containing all customers in the world, sorted by best first. And they all want to talk to us."

  • Identify and maintain key target demographics whom our services would be a great fit for.

  • Identify target demographics whom our current service palette is not currently addressing, but that we maybe should.

  • Project the correct 9Y brand image.

  • Track marketing channel effectiveness, all the way through to project conclusion, as well as word of mouth downstream effects.

  • Identify and search for new channels.

  • Balance marketing spend optimally across our channels.

  • Predict channel saturation and other future effects of our key marketing channels.

  • Generate leads for the Sales Team (prospective customers).

  • Generate leads for the HoPe (prospective employees).

  • Track market sentiment towards the 9Y brand.

  • Track awareness towards the 9Y brand.

  • Approve holiday requests for the Marketing Team.

  • Own our SEO efforts. Research keywords. Drive content writing. Track keyword performance meticulously. Identify ideal content strategies.

  • Execute marketing events aimed at recruiting.

  • Be the ultimate responsible party for our marketing strategy.

  • Own the budget for marketing efforts. Report to Management on a monthly basis any spending along with justification.

  • Ensure that the marketing team has the best tools available for the job, and that they're well maintained. Get help from the CTO if needed.

  • Organise Engineering, Design and co meet-ups at our offices. Meet-ups in this context refer to the wider community.

  • Be responsible for content production. Suggest events that we can hold that would produce good content.

  • Ensure that all logistics are in place to create content during our events. For example ensure that we have a photographer during our summits. Ensure that we film talks. 

  • Ensure that all creatives that go out by the Marketing Team are approved by the HoD.

  • Raise awareness about 9Y at local universities such as FER in Zagreb and TU and Technikum in Vienna.




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