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9Y Vocabulary

  • Activity.Ā A ā€œthingā€ that the company does. Read The Handbook

  • Squad. The group of people who are tasked with delivering an Activity. (formerly: Team)

  • Role. The manifest that gives people responsibilities and power.

  • Gameplan. Basically a manifest that describes a process.

  • Team. A group of people who often work together, like the Product Team. (formerly: Clan)

  • School. A group of people who represent a discipline at 9Y, e.g. Engineering.

  • Team Leader (aka CLTL). The person who is responsible for a Team. (formerly: Clan)

  • School Leader (aka SL). The person who is responsible for a School.

  • ManagementĀ Member (aka MM). When you want to refer to a Team or School leader in the generic sense.

  • Management. The group of all the Team and School Leaders.

  • Core Team. All fixed employees of 9Y (regardless of their location).

  • OKR. A document that formalises large company objectives, and is given from Management to Team/School leaders as their "work assignment". It grants them powers such as team members, and money spending powers. It also lays out targets they must achieve.

  • Group. What you say when you want to refer to a group of people, but don't mean Squad, Team, or School. For example to refer to all people working from our Austrian office you can say "Austrian Group". To refer to all PMs you can say the ā€œPM groupā€.

  • Activity Lead (AL). Short for AL: Activity Lead .

  • Townhall. The company all hands meeting.

  • 1::1. The regular private/confidential session that you have with either your Team or School Leader to talk about whatever you want.

  • Performance Review. The regular session that you have with both your Team and School Leaders to talk about how well you're performing.

  • 9yards. When you say this, you have to put 1 EUR into the jar. Jokes aside, that's what our company was initially called, before we rebranded ourselves as 9Y.

  • Foundation. Our in-house data graph that connects all of our different tools like Jira, Clockify, Google Drive, etc. together. It lets us build one giant data graph that represents everything that we do as a company.

  • Job. At 9Y, you have flexible Roles, but you still typically only have one main career. We call that your Job.

  • Job Grade. The level of your job at 9Y.

  • Job Grade Matrix. This is the matrix that shows our different careers and the steps the requirements for each level.

  • Team & School Roster. The roster that shows all Teams and Schools and which Job fall into which.

  • Playbook. Our company wide knowledge base. Where we record how we do things. Most of it is open to the public.


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