HoPe: Head of People


HoPe: Head of People

"Our people are here and ready to rock."

  • Drive the recruitment and hiring process.

  • Organise onboarding ceremonies for new team members.

  • Ensure timely procurement of equipment for new recruits.

  • Vendor selection. Build relationships with external vendors. Negotiate prices with external vendors. Terms negotiation.

  • Vendor relationship problem solving.

  • Approve new hires/fires.

  • Plan our team summits.

  • Drive accreditation processes when relevant.

  • Run our hiring processes. Organise debriefs.

  • Ensure that our hiring process is being followed.

  • Manage relationships with external recruiters.

  • Organise on-boarding ceremonies for new people joining your Team. Includes day 1, week 1, month 1 plan. Includes assignment of a buddy. Includes assigning some reading assignments for our Playbook. Includes regular check-ups to ensure a good integration is happening. Includes organising a welcome meeting with the School Lead who can indoctrinate the new recruits into the respective discipline (e.g. CTO for engineers, and HoD for designers, etc.). Includes a culture intro with the CEO. See the full onboarding Gameplan for details.

  • Keep people member pages up to date in our Playbook, along with their information like Job, Grade, Title, etc. If a new person joined the company via your Team, then create the page for them, and ask them to fill in the personal bits.