TL: Team Lead


TL: Team Lead

“Let’s do this."

  • Support your Team Members in whatever way they need.

  • Afford your Team members the opportunity to try new roles, and grow. That may include mobilising a mentor, or some other form of support, see to it.

  • Follow up with your Team members regularly to make sure they understand their Role. You are the one ultimately responsible for ensuring that they perform all the duties outlined by their Roles.

  • Are your Team members happy with their Roles? Is it a general Role mismatch, i.e. a developer being asked to do a marketing role was made to fill the MA Role? Or are they happy with their role in principle but they experience small frictions within that Role or its relevant Gameplans (ambiguities, inconsistencies, mismatches, etc.)? It is your responsibility to see those frictions and bring them to the Management meetings discussions, so that we can collectively tune them. You are ultimate responsible for driving improvements to your Team members' Roles (not the School leader).

  • Protect personal information of your Team members. See