Protection of Personal Contact Info

Status: LIVE

Protection of Personal Contact Info

  • By default don’t hand out personal employee information to anyone. Regardless of type of information: address, name, phone number, whether they have kids, if they chew gum, nothing.

  • Exceptions:

    • Personal information can be given to these parties, if all of these hold true: there is no moral, ethical, legal or core values objection AND it is necessary.

      • Our accounting firm in Austria. Not our bookkeeping consultant.

      • Our accounting firm in Croatia.

      • Our legal firm in Austria.

      • Our legal firm in Croatia.

      • These Austrian authorities: Finanzamt, ÖGK

      • These Croatian authorities: Porezna Uprava, HZZO

    • Company phone numbers and company emails from our team members can be given to customers for good reasons. Only the owner of the phone number is the judge of what is a “good reason”. An example with Johnny the hypothetical PM:

      • Customer asks someone at the company for Johnny’s phone number because <reason>.

      • We let Johnny know that the customer wants his phone number because <reason>.

      • Johnny decides if he’s ok with that. Only he can decide.

      • If Johnny is ok with it, we give the number to the customer.

    • ☝️ these are the only a priori exceptions. For anything else, ask the CEO.