Time Tracking

Status: LIVE

Time Tracking

  • Track all time that you work. If you work on weekends or on a train and you're genuinely working, then track it.

  • Time tracking must be complete. Your holiday allowance and salary are tied to this.

  • Your time worked must be tracked within 24h of doing the work. No exceptions.

  • Don't track time spent at lunch.

  • Some activities have specific time tracking rules. E.g. dinners with customers can be tracked up to x hours, after the proverbial third beer you are on your private time. Find out what these are from the AL: Activity Lead. In case of doubt ask the HoP.

  • You yourself are responsible for correct tracking. Do a weekly check to ensure that everything is recorded properly.

  • If in doubt where exactly to track, just ask the AL or HoP.