SL: School Lead


SL: School Lead (SL)

"Look at me now, and how I've grown."

  • Approve educational budget for your School members. Approve conference visits.

  • Provide time for your members for learning. And reading. And little hackathon sessions. Negotiate with your member's Team leader, and ask them to provide time for your School's members.

  • Organise regular 9Y internal technical talks (e.g. engineering, design, marketing, etc.) from one of your members. Cooperate with the wider Management Team to figure out good time slots. Your School member is also a member of a Team, so you will need to negotiate with their Team Leader for their time availability for this (unless that's you). You are ultimately responsible that you maintain a rota, and encourage all of your School members to give a talk once in a while.

  • Ensure that we engage with the community. Organise meet-ups at our office. Go to meet-ups at other offices and have members of your School give talks.

  • Ensure that your members get enough space from their Team leaders, in order to not just worry about day-to-day projects, but also about themselves, and longer term objectives, and doing things properly.

  • Push for making company wide investments that will make your School's members' jobs easier. E.g. Engineers will want continuous integration. Designers will want presentation templates. Sales reps will want re-usable templates and price lists. You are ultimately responsible for long term efficiency of your discipline. You may need to negotiate with Team leaders on this, because they are intrinsically more focused on short term results.

  • Ensure that our company has a good public reputation in your School's discipline. Have they heard of us at the relevant local universities. If not, why not?

  • Ensure that we share valuable knowledge that your members have gained, with other disciplines at the company. It might be something great to improve collaboration between disciplines (engineering and design is a common one).

  • Ensure that we have established engineering/design/sales/finance/etc. practices. Ensure that all your School members understand them, and follow them.

  • Ensure that tools and practices are regularly evaluated. You should ask things like: "Are we still happy with React Native, shall we evaluate Flutter? How about XD vs Sketch?"




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