Career Preview - Philosophy

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Career Preview - Philosophy

  • Everything is a dialogue.

  • Give the employee an opportunity to speak. Do they agree with the feedback? Do they have career goals? Are there things getting in the way of their performance that are out of their control?

  • It should be in regular intervals (at most +12mo intervals). Based off when the team member joined (not the calendar year).

  • The Lead(s) must come prepared with notes. See

  • Compensation changes are discussed during the Career Preview (if needed), including: role changes, salary, title, key dates and conditions.

  • The Lead(s) must record meeting notes that cover all discussion topics. Not only action points.

  • Both parties can end up with action points.

  • Transparency is important. There should be no sidenotes that the Lead has separately that aren’t reflected in the Career Preview notes.

  • Unlike 1::1s, performance reviews are not confidential. They are shared with the All Leads Team.

  • In cases of roles with multiple Leads (e.g. Engineers), the Leads are jointly responsible so work as a team to prepare and do the performance review.

  • Performance reviews shouldn't feel like a dominance ritual. It's really about helping develop people's abilities (accelerating career progressions), ensuring people and roles are well matched, and keeping our skill/compensation matrix fair as people's abilities and roles change.

  • Be very cautious of the Peter Principle. Sometimes people may have been promoted into a role that they are not effective at for whatever reason. This is tough, but in such cases, try to find alternative roles.



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